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Exploring Ocean Wonders: Printing and Painting a Dolphin's Skull at the Makerspace

Imagine this: we're diving into the fascinating world of dolphin anatomy using top-notch tomographic scanning. It's a blend of science and tech that's got us all buzzing in the lab.

But let's be real – printing those intricate details wasn't exactly a breeze. We had to get creative with a mix of materials. PLA gave us the solid structure we needed, while trusty PVA lent a hand with those tricky bits. It dissolved away after printing, leaving us with a spot-on replica of our dolphin pal's skull.

And get this – all of this happened right at our local makerspace. Yep, the place where DIY dreams come true. With access to cutting-edge equipment and a supportive community, we turned our idea into reality.

But we didn't stop there. To really bring our dolphin skull to life, we gave it a paint job. With careful brushstrokes and attention to detail, we added shading and highlights to mimic the natural hues of real dolphin bones.

Pulling that finished print out of the machine? Let's just say it was a pretty cool moment – like holding a piece of the ocean right there in our hands.

This project isn't just about printing stuff. It's about uncovering the mysteries of marine life and showing how tech can help us explore the natural world in new ways. Who's up for taking a deeper dive into the wonders of the sea?

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