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Call to Action - Visors for Nursing Homes

Originally posted by Jim Sullivan on April 24, 2020

As of today we have been contacted by 16 nursing homes and long term care facilities who are in dire need of face shields. As you might have seen in the news, the majority of infections and fatalities are occurring in these types of facilities and these facilities are running low on PPE. We are passing out the 1000 visors we have on hand and estimate we will need another 2000 visors to meet this demand. We need your help again!

At this time we ask everyone who can print a full visor to start printing again

We need everyone with a 3D printer to help print the visor component of the face-shield. We have created STL files to print the visor as a single piece for large printers. The design takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to print and we are recommending people use PLA plastic (any color). Please do not modify the design. Once you have printed 20 or more visor components complete the form linked below and we will pickup the visors, complete the assembly, and bring them to the nursing homes. If you have any questions please contact us at

Face Shield Donation Form:

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