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Help make Face Shields for Healthcare Workers

Originally posted by Jim Sullivan on April 6, 2020

Cape Makers has started a GoFundMe to raise money to buy filament for making face-shield visors.

Here are the details:

Cape Cod Healthcare has requested that Cape Cod Makers work with the community to create face-shields to help keep those on the front-lines of the Covid-19 pandemic safe. Our community stepped up! Over 40 volunteers have been printing face-shield components day and night, donating both their time and plastic. We have delivered over 1500 face-shields and over 5000 protector sheets to Cape Cod Hospital so far. We started this project relying on volunteers to provide their own plastic 3D printer filament but the filament is running out. We want to keep our volunteers printing and we need your help! Every 1kg spool of printer filament can make 40 face-shields. A spool of filament costs between $20-$45. We are looking to purchase 150 spools of filament to replenish our volunteers and allow us to make up to 5,000 face-shields for our community. Please consider donating to help purchase the needed plastic filament. Any left-over funds will go towards Cape Cod Makers and the LaunchPad community Makerspace in Harwich MA.

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